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Gaoming District Social Welfare Institute

If you have photos or information about this orphanage, please e-mail them to us. View the DianBai orphanage page to see an example of the type of information we're looking for. We will put the information you provide on this page to assist other families. We are particularly interested in orphanage photos (current and previous), director photo with name and tenure information, and any miscellaneous information. We appreciate your help in making this project worthwhile to adoption families.

orphanage Description:
The current orphanage opened in 1997. It is a Social Welfare Institute meaning it houses children and senior citizens, though they are in different areas of the facility.

The current orphanage is a multi-level facility. The first floor is assigned for the care of senior citizens, the second floor contains the administrative offices for the orphanage; the third floor contains the living areas for the babies; the fourth floor contains living areas for the older children. The grounds of the orphanage include a kindergarten and playground.

Misc. Information:
Gaoming is in the Guangdong province on the Zhu Jiang (Pearl River) Delta, approximately 50 kilometers/80 miles southwest of Guangzhou. It is located where the Lunjiang He (Lunjiang River) meets the Xi Jiang (West River). It is a busy port city with many manufacturing companies, ranging from electronics to textiles. Gaoming is one of 5 districts within the Foshan Prefecture. Neighboring counties are Gaoyao in the North, Xinxing in the West, Heshan in the South, Nanhai and Sanshui in the East. The county is divided into six districts and three Street committees. Major localities in the county are Heshui, Genglou, Yangmei , Renhe, Xi'an and Fuwan.

Mr. Li Guoqing (pictured on the right in this 2000 photo) has been the director since late 1999 and has been working at the orphanage since 1998. The previous director was Madame Luo Ai Ying. She became the Director of Adoptions upon Mr. Li's appointment and worked hands-on with the care of the children until her retirement in early 2006. Madame Luo Hai Hong (left) is the Vice Director of the orphanage and has been there for many years, first as a caretaker, then as the orphanage bookkeeper and now as the Vice Director. (Text provided by Teresa Baldinucci, staff photo provided by Cheryl Cain.)

Adoption Stats:
2000 -- 57
2001 -- 54
2002 -- 56
2003 -- 82
2004 -- 27
2005 -- 23
2006 -- 6
2007 -- 3

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