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How to Order:

The basic book price is $49.99 plus $4 shpping in the U.S. If you are ordering the book only and having it shipped within the United States, click on "Add to Cart" under the "Book Only" sections and proceed to PayPal's checkout procedures. OR on the PayPal screen click on "Continue Shopping," allow the shopping cart window to close and return here to add more features. If you want to add your child's finding ad and translation to the book, add that option to your shopping cart. If your shipping address is outside the United States, add the $6 shipping option to your cart. Follow the PayPal instructions to process your order.

Book Only, mailed within U.S.: $49.99
(+$4 shipping in the U.S.)
Which book are you ordering?
Include my child's finding ad and translation in the book: Add $20
Child's Chinese name:
Child's finding date:
Ship outside the U.S.: Add $6
Note: On January 27, 2013, the U.S. Postal Service increased its rates for mailing materials like DVDs and books to Canada and Europe. In most cases, this increase was more than double the previous postage rates to these countries. To help ease the pain of this increase, we are only charging only 75% of the actual cost of shipping.
Finding location photos:
If you'd like to have your child's finding location photos inserted into the book, contact us for more details.