City DVDs: Fuling, Chongqing Province

Fuling DVD Contents
Production Date: February 2003
Segment numbers indicate the DVD chapter
  1. Fuling Orphanage
  2. Finding Locations:
    • Gate of the Orphanage
    • Shihe Village
    • Xinmiao Village
  3. Fuling Countryside (Music: "My Beautiful Home", Tibet)
    A music video highlighting the beauty of Fuling and her countryside
  4. Minjia Town
    • Jubau Village
    • Mawu Town
    • Shanwu Town
    • Damu Village
  5. A High Mountain "Adventure"
    • Zhenxi Town
  6. Fuling City locations
  7. Waterfront locations
  8. The Yangtze River
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Fuling DVD