City DVDs: Xiushan, Chongqing Province

Xiushan DVD Contents
Production Date: 2006
Segment numbers indicate the DVD chapter
  1. Civil Affairs Bureau, Orphanage Complex
  2. Northwest Xiushan Finding Locations (cont.)
    • Xinbeimen Bridge (North End)
    • Epidemic Prevention Station
    • People’s Hospital Back Gate
    • Xinbeimen Bridge (South End)
  3. Northeast Xiushan Finding Locations
    • Xiushan Water Company
    • Dongfeng Primary School
    • Dongda Street (Bus Station)
    • Material Bureau
  4. Southeast Xiushan Finding Locations
    • Business Trade Center
    • Vegetable Oil Factory
    • Xiushan Train Station
    • Xiushan Movie Theater
    • Festive Lantern Plaza/Huadeng Square
    • Petroleum Company
    • Business Trade Center
    • Agricultural Bureau
    • Matu Repair Factory
  5. Southwest Xiushan Finding Location
    • Tiancheng Great Drug Store
  6. Xiushan Countryside Finding Locations
    • Pingkai Town Bridge
    • Guanzhou Town
    • Hong'An Town (3 Corners)
    • Yajiang Town Bridge, Zho
  7. Countryside locations (cont.)
    • Miaoquan Town
  8. Music Video of Xiushan ("Phoenix Feathers Bamboo in the Moonlight," Miao Nationality)
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Xiushan DVD