City DVDs: DianBai, Guangdong Province

DianBai DVD Contents
Production Date: April 2005
Segment numbers indicate the DVD chapter
  1. Images of DianBai
    An introduction to DianBai set to music
  2. The Welfare Factory (1992-1997)
  3. DianBai's Foster Care Program
  4. The First Orphanage Facility (1997-2003)
  5. The Orphanage Redistricting of 2003
  6. Buddhist Temples and Theology
  7. Current Orphanage Facility (2003-Present)
  8. A Tale of Two Families: Domestic Adoption in DianBai
  9. "Children of DianBai"
    A musical montage of the cutest babies on earth

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DianBai DVD