City DVDs: Gaoming, Guangdong Province

Gaoming DVD Contents
Production Date: May 2005
Segment numbers indicate the DVD chapter
  1. Orphanage Tour
  2. Baby Room
  3. Countryside Finding Locations:
    • Orphanage Gate (Old Folk's Court before 1999)
    • Heshui Town Market
    • Heshui Town Hospital
    • Genglou Town Hospital
    • Genglou Old Central Primary School
    • Xinyu Village (DaLang Rd.)
    • TanBa Office (Mingsheng Town)
    • Country Primary School
    • Louge Office (Mingsheng Town)
    • Renhe Town Office (Current)
    • Renhe Town Office (1997)
    • Yangmei Bank
  4. City Finding Locations
    • Sanzhou Old People's Court
    • Sanzhou Bridge
    • Beautified Graves (Brightness Festival)
    • Xian Market
    • Xian Hotel
    • "Rules for China's One Child Policy"
    • Gaoming Garment Company
    • Gaoming People's Hospital
    • Xiuli Traveling Bag Mill
    • Old Lianhua Market (before 2000)
    • New Lianhua Market (2000 and after)
    • Gas Station (Yangjiang Rd.)
    • Gaoming Health Center for Women & Children
    • Hecheng Market
    • General Bus Station
    • Epidemic Prevention Center
    • Fuwan Town Old Folk's Home
  5. Wuchuan Lantern Festival
    Outstanding Lion Dancing and other acts of dance and acrobatics highlight this most popular festival from near-by Wuchuan
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Gaoming DVD