City DVDs: Gaozhou, Guangdong Province

Gaozhou DVD Contents
Production Date: February 2003
Segment numbers indicate the DVD chapter
  1. Old Facility (current in 2003)
  2. Current Facility under construction
  3. Finding Locations:
    • Gaozhou People's Hospital
    • Nanguan Primary School
    • Traffic Police Group
    • Gaozhou Hospital
    • Bailecheng Department Store
    • People's Government Building
    • 3rd Clinic of People's Hospital
    • Government Hostel
    • Municipal Party Committee
    • Panzhou Park
    • Dongmen Market
    • Shanmei Filling Station
    • Chengdong Bus Station
    • East Gate of Gaozhou
    • Chengnan Market
    • Gaozhou Gas Company
    • Wen Ming Lu Primary School
    • Industry Bridge
    • Beiguan Street
    • Beiguan Police Substation
    • Gaoxin Road
  4. Wuchuan Lantern Festival
    Footage of a nearby Lantern Festival celebration, featuring amazing Lion Dancing and other very interesting dances
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