City DVDs: Jiangmen, Guangdong Province

Jiangmen DVD Contents
Production Date: May 2005
Segment numbers indicate the DVD chapter
  1. Current Orphanage Facility
  2. Finding Locations I:
    • Holiday Farm
    • Tianhe West Road
    • Xingfu Lou Restaurant
    • #2 Middle School
    • People's Hospital
    • Jianghui Road #30
    • Dai'An Road Intersection (Chang An Lu)
  3. Jade Terrace Temple
  4. Finding Locations II:
    • Shiwan 1st Street
    • Shengqi Mansion
    • Hengkeng Village Entrance
    • Jaiobei Gas Station
    • Beijie Bridge Park
    • Central Hospital
    • Tianhe West Road Revisited
  5. Wuchuan Lantern Festival
    Outstanding Lion Dancing and other acts of dance and acrobat highlights this most popular festical from near-by Wuchuan
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Jiangmen DVD