City DVDs: Yangdong, Guangong Province

Yangdong DVD Contents
Production Date: May 2005
Segment numbers indicate the DVD chapter

  1. Current Orphanage Facility
  2. Finding Locations I:
    • Shixing Residents Committee Office
    • People's Hospital (1999-Present)
    • Health Center for Women & Children
    • People's Hospital Enclosing Wall
    • Shixing Gas Station
  3. Shi Jue Temple ("Stone Understanding")
  4. Finding Locations II
    • Civil Affairs Office/Old Orphanage (<7/00)
    • Finance Bureau
    • Government Building
    • Dongcheng Police Station
    • Shixing Market
    • People's Hospital Clinic (Gongye Street)
    • Post Office (Gongye Street)
  5. Yangdong Countryside Music Video
    Highlights of Yangdong's beautiful countryside set to music)
  6. Countryside Finding Locations
    • Heshan Town
    • Sanshan Town
    • Du Village Temple
  7. Wuchuan Lantern Festival
    Outstanding Lion Dancing and other acts of dance and acrobat highlights this most popular festical from near-by Wuchuan
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Yangdong DVD