City DVDs: Yangjiang, Guangdong Province

Yangjiang DVD Contents:
Production Date: March 2006
Segment numbers indicate the DVD chapter
  1. Yangjiang City orphanage
  2. Civil Affairs/Jiangcheng District Orphanage
  3. Orphanage Area Finding Locations:
    • Printing Factory
    • Tap Water Factory
    • Shuidian Restaurant
    • Beishan Park
    • Nan'En Police Station
    • Monument of Revolutionary Martyrs
  4. Nan'En Street Finding Locations:
    • Yinpinxiang Restaurant
    • Second Middle School
    • Beiman Street entrance
    • Xinhua Street entrance
    • Zhongshan Park
    • Nanda Department Store
    • Yangjiang Cinema
    • Nan'En Department Store
  5. Orphanage Area Music Video
    Showcases the village immediately surrounding the orphanages, showcasing life in this area
  6. Other Downtown Finding Locations:
    • Rubber Plant
    • Jinji Food Market
    • Yuzhou Road entrance
    • People's Hospital
    • Women & Children's Hospital
  7. Outlying Finding Locations:
    • Jinshan Road
    • Teacher's College
    • #3 Primary School
  8. Wuchuan Lantern Festival
    Footage of a nearby Lantern Festival celebration, featuring amazing Lion Dancing and other very interesting dances

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