City DVDs: Guilin, Guangxi Province

Guilin DVD Contents
Production Date: August 2005
Segment numbers indicate the DVD chapter
  1. Guilin Orphanage
  2. North Guilin Finding Locations
    • Orphanage Gate (#1 Fuli Road)
    • Relief Center (#2 Fuli Road)
    • Foster Family: Liao Lian Sheng
    • Aishantang Village
    • Teilu Hospital
    • Shuitashan Park
  3. Fengfuang Hill Foster Families
    • Liu Hong Ying
    • Ma Gui Qing
    • Wen Jie Zu
  4. Downtown Finding Locations
    • Teixi Living Quarters
    • Heishan Nursery
    • Bus Station Toll Booth
    • Yangqiao Bridge Underpass
    • Chafeng Hotel
  5. More Foster Families
    • Huang Tai
    • Huang Feng Lan
  6. Guilin Countryside Locations
    • Military Cinema
    • Yanshan Town
  7. Guilin Countryside Music Video
    Showcases to music the beauty of the Guilin area
  8. Countryside Finding Locations II
    • Lingbo Intersection
    • Xing'An Railway Station
  9. Xing'An Water Canal
  10. Guilin Elephant Park (home of one of Big Bird's stops in "Big Bird Goes to China")
  11. Li River Boat Trip
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Guilin DVD