City DVDs: Jianxin/Fengxin County, Jiangxi Province

Jianxin/Fengxin County DVD Contents
Production Date: November 2011
Segment numbers indicate the DVD chapter
  1. Jianxin Farm Complex I (Southern Vacuum Cleaner Factory/Provincial Relief Center Gate/Farm Trading Market/Worker's Hospital/Detention-Relief Center School)
  2. Jianxin Farm Complex II (Old Jianxin Orphanage Facility/Provincial Detention Center/Current Jianxin Orphanage/Provincial Relief Center Power Supply Station)
  3. Jianxin Foster Families
  4. Jianxin Finding Locations (Huibu Town Vegetable Market/Yangshan Town Power Station/Ganzhou Town Supply & Marketing Cooperative/Tangnan Village Store)
  5. Jinxi County Civil Affairs Bureau
  6. Fengxin County Finding Locations I (Chengbei Vegetable Market/Wangjiao Supermarket/North Road #2-392/People's Hospital/Yingbin Building #1)
  7. Fengxin County Finding Locations II (Army Affairs Bureau/Liuhe Hospital/ICBC Bank/Hualin Park/Cinema)
  8. Fengxin County Finding Locations III (Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital/North River Road #364/Chengxi Market/City Management Bureau/Fumin Road #132)
  9. County Civil Affairs Bureau (2008 to present)
  10. Old Fengxin Orphanage Facility (1993-2007)
  11. Current Fengxin Orphanage Facility
  12. Baizhang Temple
  13. Music Video: Scenic Photos of Fengxin County accompanied by music
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Fengxin/Jianxin DVD