City DVDs: Xinyu, Jiangxi Province

Xinyu DVD Contents
Production Date: February 2003
Segment numbers indicate the DVD chapter
  1. Xinyu Orphanage
    • The Four Babies
  2. Finding Locations
    • Orphanage Gate
    • Xinyu Train Station
    • Shuibei Town
    • Hillside Graves
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
  3. Jin Cheng Hotel
    • Guifu Business
    • People's Government Building
    • Yudong Restaurant
    • Xinyu Ganzhong Architectural Firm
    • Dongfeng Decoration Engineering Co.
  4. Orphanage Dinner
    • Foster Family (Yu Li)
  5. Wuchuan Lantern Festival
    A celebration featuring incredible Lion Dancing and other displays of dance. Very entertaining!
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Xinyu DVD