City DVDs: Yingtan, Jiangxi Province

Yingtan DVD Contents
Production Date: April 2004
Segment numbers indicate the DVD chapter
  1. Current Orphanage (after May 2001)
    • Gate of the current orphanage
    • Temporary Orphanage (2000- 5/2001)
    • Old Orphanage (before 2000)/Yingtan Civil Affairs Office
    • Long Distance Bus Station
    • People's Hospital
    • Linfei Fertilizer Factory
  2. Old Orphanage Revisited (133 Jiatong)
    • Yuehe District Civil Affairs Office
    • Printing Company
    • Old Wine Factory/Liquid Gas Dormitory
    • Yingtan City Daily Newspaper
    • Gandong Commercial Market, #10
    • Foster Family Xia Chun Mei
    • Countryside Cemetery
    • Foster Family Yu Xiao Fang
    • People's Hospital Clinic
  3. Tongjia Police Station
    • Zeishang Village
    • Foster Family Zhen Jan Lin
    • Foster Family Zhu You Hua
    • Foster Family Wu Jiao Hua
    • Foster Family Zhou Xian Lian
    • Foster Family Xu Tian ‘E
    • Foster Family Yong Xiao Mei
  4. Zhan Jin Mao Home
    • Foster Family Liu Qi Hua
    • Foster Family Yang Chang Tai
    • Yan Gen Fu Home (Bailu)
    • Images of Yingtan's Countryside
    • Yan Ping Xiu Home
  5. Foster Family Yang Gui ‘E
    • Longhu Government Building
    • Shangqing People's Government
    • Shangqing Police Station
    • Shangqing Temple Complex
    • Shangqing Old Town (#16 Mei Jiang Lane)
  6. Guan Xiao Ping's Home (Not Found)
    • Langdeli Food Company
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Yingtan DVD