City DVDs: Yulin, Shaanxi Province

Yulin DVD Contents
Production Date: November 2004
Segment numbers indicate the DVD chapter
  1. Wuliang Temple
  2. Yuyang Orphanage and Gate
  3. Yulin City Orphanage and Gates
  4. The Great Wall of Yulin
  5. Finding Locations I
    • Yulin City Police
    • Yuyang Hospital
    • Yulin People's Government Office
    • Xingyuan Hospital
    • West Gate of Yulin
    • Bell Tower Office
    • Drum Tower (Gulou) Police Station
    • Yulin Hotel
  6. Foster Family #1: Zhen Yun Xia
  7. Finding Locations II
    • Health Center for Women & Children
    • Yulin Middle School
    • Municipal Party Committee
    • #2 Yulin Hospital (Diagnostic Dept.)
    • Yuyang District Civil Affairs Office
    • Xingminglou (Residential) Office
    • Shuili Emporium
  8. Yulin Red Stone Garden
  9. Dingbian
    Bus Station, County Committee building, County Government Office, Civil Administration office, Police Station before 2003, Dingbian Town Hospital, Huizu Qingzhen Temple
  10. Jingbian, Hengshan & Hongshi Towns
    Civil Affairs Office, Hospital, Police Station, Hengshan County Hospital, Civil Affairs Office, Hongshi Town Government
  11. Buddhist Temple
  12. YuHe Town
    Government Office, YuHe Town Hospital
  13. Shopping for the Orphanage
  14. Hunting for Foster Families
    Li Shui Hui, He Yu Cui, Li Zhang Hua
  15. Yulin's Countryside
    Music video showcasing the beauty of Yulin
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Yulin DVD