Finding Ads

Jiangxi pic ad
Sample of a Shanghai photo ad

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Beginning in 1999, text ads were placed for the found children. These ads give the child's Chinese (orphanage-given) name, finding date and government entity (police, Civil Affairs, etc.) that brought the child to the orphanage. Some of these ads are available through Research-China for $25.00 USD.

Beginning in December 2002, photos were added to the Shanghai ads. Although the photos are small and in black & white, they are remarkably clear and identifiable (see below). These ads also contain the child's Chinese (orphanage-given) name, finding date and birth date. The photos almost always predate the referral photo by several months or more. These ads are available for children found after June 2002 for $35.00 USD.

We often have extra copies of the actual newspaper, allowing you to obtain the actual newspaper your child appeared in. Simply fill out our request form and we will let you know what is available.

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