Orphanage Reliability Analysis

The Orphanage Reliability Analysis is one of two customized reports Research-China.org offers to help adoptive families gain insight into their children's early life and records. The other is our Birth Parent Search Analysis, which focuses on the data that determines the probability of a successful birth parent search.

Adoptive families are given orphanage records on their child with details such as the child's finding location, health, and daily routine. But many parents find later that their children's histories are all too similar, with other children adopted from the same orphanage, leading to questions like: How many children were found at their child's finding location? Were other children found by the same finder? Was Family Planning active in the area at the time of the finding? How reliable is the information provided, and was the child really found as described?

Since 2001, Research-China.Org has interviewed orphanage directors, police officers, foster families, finders, and other players and gathered information, statistics, and insights into how children enter the orphanages. In an Orphanage Reliability Analysis—specific to your child and their orphanage—we provide you with a comprehensive and straightforward look at the data to help you decide the accuracy of the information given to you by the orphanage.

Included in the analysis, specific to your child's orphanage, are:

• Name Interpretation
• Orphanage Adoption Statistics
• Gender/Health Analysis
• Finding Location Analysis
• Areas of Concern
• Summary of Orphanage Characteristics

How to Order an Orphanage Reliability Analysis:

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Option 1 – New Customers: $50If you have not purchased a finding ad from Research-China.org and want the Orphanage Reliability Analysis only, the cost is $50.

Option 2 – Previous Finding Ad Customers: $40If you have already purchased a finding ad from Research-China.org, save $10 and get the Orphanage Reliability Analysis for just $40.

Option 3 – Orphanage Reliability Analysis + Finding Ad: $75 Get your child's finding ad (normally $40 with translation) with the Birth Parent Search Analysis and save $15.

Option 4– Orphanage Reliability Analysis + Orphanage Data Book: $80Click here to order Option 4 — Buy the new Orphanage Data Book with the Orphanage Reliability Analysis and save $15. Choosing this option will take you to a separate order form. Currently, Orphanage Data Books are available for Guangdong, Hunan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Chongqing, and Anhui provinces.

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Disclaimer: Data used to calculate assumptions and probabilities are gathered with as much precision as possible. Information presented to adoptive families is for their use only and is not to be published in print or electronic forums without permission of Research-China.org. The probabilities presented are designed to be “best-guess” estimates only. Although we believe these calculations to be valid, the actual outcome may be impacted by unknown variables such as orphanage records (which may have birth family data), finding location accuracy and other factors.