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About Chongqing Municipality

Chongqing Municipality was created in 1997 with the merger of Fuling, Qianjiang and Wanxian with Chongqing City. Previous to 1997, the area was under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Province.

Chongqing Municipality is comprised of 19 districts, eight of which contain orphanages that participate in the international adoption program: Banan, Bishan, Fuling, Hechuan, Jiangjin, Qianjiang, Nanchuan, Qianjiang, and Wanzhou. There are also 17 counties, nine of which participate in the international adoption program: Dianjiang, Fengdu, Fengjie, Kai, Liangping, Tongnan, Xiushan, Yunyang, and Zhong Counties. Chongqing also contains four autonomous counties of minority extraction, one of which participates in the IA program (Xiushan). Youyang County was in the IA program until May 2006, when it was closed down and the children brought to Fuling. An orphanage is also located in Chongqing itself, bringing the total orphanages participating in the IA program to 18.

Chongqing Municipality's combined international adoptions have been steadily declining:

2003 -- 1367
2004 -- 1430
2005 -- 1074
2006 -- 910
2007 -- 580

Orphanage Pages:

Banan District
Bishan District
Chongqing City
Dianjiang County
Fengdu County
Fengjie County
Fuling District
Hechuan District
Jiangjin District
Kai County
Liangping County
Nanchuan District
Qianjiang District
Tongnan County
Wanzhou District
Xiushan County
Yunyang County
Zhongxian (Zhong County)

Colored areas of the map indicate a county or district orphanage that participates in the international adoption program.
Chongqing Municipality Dianjiang County Fengdu County Fuling District Xiushan  District Jiangjin District Liangping County Qianjiang District Yunyang County Wanzhou District Hechuan District Nanchuan District Zhongxian (Zhong County) Chongqing Municipality Tongnan Bishan Banan Kaixian Fengjie