Orphanages - Guangxi Province

About Guangxi Province

As of 2006, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has a total of 23 orphanages participating in the international adoption program. Separated into jurisdictions, that number includes:

We are posting pages for the 23 orphanages participating in the international adoption program as information becomes available.

Foster Families
We currently have foster families for Guilin City, Yulin City, and Yulin First. Click on the orphanage name to see the names of children in foster care. If you find your child's name in our list, you can contact us for the foster family's phone number or address. If you have any foster family information that you think may be helpful to others, please let us know by e-mail: brianstuy@research-china.org.

Baise City
Beihai City
Beiliu City
Cangwu County
Cenxi City
Chengxi District (Yulin First)
Desheng Town
Hepu County
Fangchenggang City
Guigang City
Guilin City
Guiping City
Hechi City
Jingxi County
Laibin City
Liuzhou City
Nanning City
Pingnan County
Qinzhou City
Rong County
Wuzhou City
Xingbin District
Xingye County
Yizhou City
Yongning District
Yulin City