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Orphanages - Hubei Province

About Hubei Province

As of 2006, Hubei Province has a total of 38 orphanages participating in the international adoption program. Separated into jurisdictions, that number includes:

We are posting pages for the 38 orphanages participating in the international adoption program as information becomes available.

Anlu City
Chibi City
Chongyang County
Dangyang City
Dawu County
Daye City
Enshi Autonomous Prefecture
Gong'an County
Hanchuan City
Hong'an County
Honghu City
Huanggang City
Huangmei County
Huangshi City
Jiayu County
Jingmen City
Jingzhou City
Qichun County
Shashi District
Shayang County
Shiyan City
Tianmen City
Tongshan County
Tuanfeng County
Wuhan City
Wuxue City
Xian'an District
Xiangfan City
Xianning City
Xiantao City
Xiaochang County
Xiaogan City
Xiaonan District
Xuan'en County
Yangxin County
Yichang City
Yun County
Yunmeng County