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Orphanages - Jiangxi Province

The social welfare institutes in Jiangxi Province that participate in international adoptions are listed below in alphabetical order. We post pages as we gather information; click on the name to see what information we have for that orphanage:

- A -
Anyuan County
- C -
Chongren County
- D -
Duchang County
- F -
Fengcheng City
Fengxin County
Fenyi County
Fuzhou City
- G -
Ganzhou City
Gao’An City
Guangchang County
Guixi City
- H -
Hengfeng County

- J -
Ji’An City

Jingdezhen City
Jiujiang City
Jizhou District
- L -
Leping City
- N -
Nanchang City
Nanchang County
Nancheng County
Nanfeng County
Nankang City
Ningdu County
- P -
Pingxiang City
Poyang County

- R -
Ruijin City
- S -
Shanggao County
Shangrao City
Shicheng County
Suichuan County
- T -
Taihe County
Tonggu County
- W -
Wanzai County
- X -
Xiajiang County
Xinfeng County
Xinzhou District
Xinyu City
Xiushui County

- Y -
Yichun City
Yifeng County
Yihuang County
Yujiang County
Yingtan City
Yiyang County
Yongfeng County
Yongxiu County
Yuanzhou District
Yugan County
- Z -
Zhanggong District
Zhangshu City

About Jiangxi Province

As of 2006, Jiangxi Province has a total of 51 social welfare institutes (orphanages) participating in the international adoption program. Separated into jurisdictions, that number includes:

  • 11 prefecture-level cities, all of which have orphanages participating in the international adoption program;
  • 10 sub-provisional (county-level) cities, 7 of which have orphanages participating in the IA program;
  • 70 counties, 29 of which have orphanages participating in the IA program; and
  • 19 districts, 4 of which have orphanages participating in the IA program.

Complete data for Jiangxi is available from 2003 forward. In that period, the peak occurred in 2004 with 3,178 submissions being made. Adoption submissions fell to 2,401 in 2006, a decline of 24.5% from 2004.

Jiangxi city map Jiujiang City Jingdezhen City Shangrao City Nanchang City Yichun City Pingxiang City Xinyu City Fuzhou City Ji'an City Yingtan City Ganzhou City
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