We have a full range of services to help China adoptees and their parents to fill in the gaps of their history and birthplace.

Finding Ads

Do you have your child's finding ad, the first building block of their life?


Do you want photos and videos of various finding locations, main attractions, and scenic highlights?

Data Books

Would you appreciate having an official record of an orphanage's finding ad data going as far back as 1999?

Adoptee Assistance

Do you wonder if it's even possible to conduct a birth parent search? Or are you just not sure would you'd start?

Birth Parent Search Analysis

Would your birth parent search be likely to result in success?

Orphanage Reliability Analysis

How accurate is the information you were given by your child's orphanage?

Foster Family Location Program

Could your child's foster parent be among the more than 1,000 foster parents we've found?